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  1. says

    My first reaction was that it was an interesting but shallow summary. But the more I’m thought about it, the more it seems to include everything I do at Frozen Toothpaste. That said, my other blogs don’t quite fit the description. So, I guess that means you can mark me down as “sort of yes.”

  2. says

    Damn. You’re totally right, it’s that easy. I need to get on that wondering thing with a bit more consistancy…

    side note – at a south by southwest breakout I went to this year, another HR Blogger (Penelope Trunk, said that one of the best ways to get noticed as a blogger (and thus hired as a professional blogger) is to comment on other people’s blogs…sort of a step 3 – ask others what they think about your wonderings (yes or no?)and back to step one – wonder about their answers…

  3. says

    Somewhere there’s a Raymond Carver quote about writing as just being able to look at a jar of jam on the kitchen table as the sun is coming up and just wondering at it.

    Okay, so maybe it wasn’t a jar of jam, maybe an ashtray or something.

    Will find the quote — think it might be in FIRES

  4. Robyn says

    Isn’t that what we do as little children? Questions we as parents don’t know the answer to……

  5. says

    Is that a T shirt? Simply, yes, though reminded of the comedy sketches where someone is staring up at nothing at all while, lemming-like, passers-by join in the staring.