Steal Across America Tour Diary #3: Lexington, Chapel Hill, Atlanta, and Savannah

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

I’m on book tour promoting Steal Like An Artist. See all upcoming dates?

on tour

How To Steal Like An Artist poster Speaking at Kentucky

Lexington, KY: grabbed some great Cajun on paper plates at Bourbon n’ Toulouse, stopped by Morris Book Shop and signed some books, then gave a talk at the University of Kentucky.

flyleaf books

flyleaf books chalkboard NC Museum of Art  Krispy Kreme! those pretty NC trees...

Chapel Hill, NC: upon my arrival I demanded a pulled pork sandwich, admired the beautiful trees, visited the NC Museum of Art, met my internet friend @ayse in person, and had a really great audience at the marvelous Flyleaf Books.

OK Cafe

burgers at Bocado SCAD - Ivy Hall Self-portrait at the High Museum crowd at the Decatur Library

Atlanta, GA: had breakfast at the OK Cafe, toured the High Museum’s Picasso to Warhol exhibit, hung out with the Mailchimp gang at their offices, had an amazing burger at Bocado, talked to a class of students at SCAD’s Ivy Hall writing center, drank an old fashioned at Leon’s in Decatur, met my online brother from another mother @mlarson, then talked to a full room at the Decatur Library and sold completely out of books!

SCAD museum of art

He's a Savannah staple, or so I've been told... Ye Olde Pink House Candy Chang's Before I die mural Savannah Stalactites

Savannah, GA: spent most of the day just walking around looking at the trees (the great thing about touring in spring) and the architecture and the cemeteries, had a civilized lunch at the Pink House, bought a marker in the awesome Primary art store, broke down and wept in the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist (tired/homesick/overcome), walked to the SCAD art museum, checked out the Candy Chang “Before I Die” installation, hung out with a group of grad students who showed up to the Ex Libris bookstore signing, checked out a Louis Menand lecture on Andy Warhol, then got dinner at Local with the writer Rob Walker and his wife Ellen Susan, then walked home through Forsyth Park at night. Beautiful city.

And here’s a couple bonus photos from when I got home to Texas:

Good morning, Texas! destroyer of crawfish

I feel lucky that I’m three weeks deep into tour and I’m still healthy and (somewhat) sane. This week I’m taking a much-needed break, but then it’s off to Portland, Tempe, and San Francsico. See the dates?

You can see more from my tour diary or follow along as it happens on Twitter: @austinkleon

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