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    a couple months ago my daughter turned me on to kenneth p and shared this delightful poem:

    I am the magical mouse
    I don’t eat cheese
    I eat sunsets
    And the tops of trees
    -Kenneth Patchen

    anyone writing a poem in which he proclaims to be a magical mouse won me over. since em first brought my attention to k.p. I learned there was a patchen celebration in cleveland (which I totally missed out on…having only learned of it after the fact!) again I will sing the praises of cpl for after I learned of patchen I did a search and found a local goldmine – I read most of a biography on his life “the poet rebel” (or something like that) – totally enjoyed and also a bunch of his illustrated poems. ah what a voice and what spirit…. glad to find you sharing his gifts!

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    hey kim,

    actually, suzanne at Mac’s Backs in Coventry was the one who hipped me to Patchen…but I didn’t know there was a celebration in Cleveland! I gotta do some more research…