Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

My book review of Alison Bechdel’s FUN HOME ran this month in Cleveland Magazine as part of Cuyahoga County Public Library’s “Choice Books” advertising series. We don’t have a working scanner at the library anymore, so I had to settle for a photocopy:


FUN HOME is a really hard book to do justice in 200 words. Its complexity is its genius: it’s so many things at once. If you still haven’t read it, I’ve done it better justice here and here. Alison is a tremendous cartoonist and a really gracious person.

Weird that I should find the review today, because tonight we’re going with Meg’s dad to Harvey Pekar’s booksigning for the Best of American Comics over at Joseph-Beth. Harvey introduced Alison at her reading in October. Remember: there are no coincidences.

Okay. I’m going to go grab a hotdog and spend the rest of the day reading Eddie Campbell’s THE FATE OF THE ARTIST. (Campbell has a new blog worth checking out.)

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