• what-got-us-here


    We still have 30 days or so left in the year. Make them count.

  • photo by

    Teaching blackout poetry at the Texas Teen Book Festival

    In some ways, I’m probably the worst person to teach blackout poetry.

  • in any day there is some poetry

    What your days look like

    “What do you want your days to look like?” forces you to imagine the day in, day out realities that making such choices will present you with.

  • they said he was no angel / who is

    No Angel

    They said he was no angel…who is?

  • 929140_793618534002418_1037021061_n

    Low overhead, revisited

    The less you have to maintain, the more time you have to do what you want to do.

  • 10454174_793967687294994_1321343485_n

    No words

    Sometimes the words don’t come. So I make pictures.

  • sentences will be the death of me


    I hate writing. What I really love is reading. I tell people I became a professional writer so I could be a professional reader. (Adam Phillips: “I had never had any desire to be a writer. I wanted to be a reader.”)

  • I write what I want to read

    Mission Statement

    I write what I want to read.

  • screenprint-agoraphobia (1)

    New prints for sale from the archives

    We were digging in our flat files and found some extremely limited-edition prints from 2010.

  • 1-rN7CJjhL2drluPUZT-eUSQ

    A brief history of my newspaper blackout poems

    The story behind my newspaper blackout poems.

  • blackout-ebook

    Newspaper Blackout finally available as an eBook

    My first book is now available as an eBook.

  • subtraction-print-1

    How to get a Newspaper Blackout print for cheap

    We won’t be selling prints until next year, but here’s how to get one for really cheap.

  • 00

    Spectors Haunting May Embrace (A Halloween Blackout)

    I told a ghost story in blackouts every day in October leading up to Halloween.

  • art is the ability to turn a trick while all watch

    Headed Northwest

    Headed to the Pacific Northwest next week.

  • another day another dent in the heart

    A poem a day

    Since the #NewspaperBlackout show in April, I’ve been making a poem every day and posting it to Instagram.

  • kleon-makers


    A while back, the folks at Wired asked me to make some blackouts from their recent design issue.

  • kleon-room-for-debate

    New York Times piece on turning legal constraints into artistic constraints

    My piece for the New York Times’ Room For Debate section.

  • leo

    How To Win An Election (October Horoscopes)

    “say all the right things / do not risk offending anyone / be likable / fake friendliness / smiles and handshakes / avoid the question of scientific evidence / B just an ordinary who made it / say stuff written for anybody to hear / try to collect someone or something to blame / project optimisim about the future and happy endings / shout follow me! there’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of / if it’s hard to win drop out”

  • nine-to-five

    Nine to Five

    go to work / and sneak things in when you can

  • aquarius

    September Horoscopes

    avoid the guaranteed injury / cruise over the line / defy perfection / hide and seek in a kind of carefree spirit / drink a beer / be quieter / break balls / answer 13 questions no one asked / be the end of the baddest guy out there / throw something / perhaps there is a happy way to embrace without turning fake / when you pin your kind you get your team

  • the skirts of dallas are on the rise and texas is a more pleasant place

    The Skirts of Dallas

    the skirts of dallas are on the rise / and texas is a more pleasant place

  • you make everyone else everyone else

    Everyone else

    A new blackout: “You make everyone else / everyone else”

  • pisces

    August Horoscopes

    do something crazy / honor the rookie / throw out social media for a start / just zoom in on any one thing and stay with it / avoid long-term mularkey / love something more / go to the ice cream shop and shake everyone’s hand / no panicking / just remember what a great mystery is / remain a student / don’t think long enough to know / more walks

    more walks /

  • 01-hankie


    Poems about devils.

  • multiple-choice

    Multiple Choice

    “do you think your sons going to be a – somebody with talent b – a handful c- good for us”

  • aquarius

    July Horoscopes

    punch this summer / go missing from work / pack up and run off / a gig’s a gig / never read email / spell out life in a divine text message / cross the country in a time-traveling car / stop brooding over the alter ego / put an end to this operation on loan from the faint of heart / look into the whereabouts of missing years / have a near-death experience for the rest of us / you can’t help wondering

  • i-dont-mind

    I Don’t Mind

    “we are our own deal / I don’t mind that you torture me”

  • i want you / that you I was cautioned against

    I Want You

    “I want you / that you that I was cautioned against”

  • taurus

    June Horoscopes

    “develop a personal hero and explore his voice / be so lucky / endure torture at low doses / be loose / get a little belief system / shred shrug shed / keep a sharp gaze / punish the cobbler of conformity / underestimate originality / use time surprisingly”

  • art-ways

    Poem for my mother

    my mother knew i was bound art ways / and she didnt throw me down the stairs

  • keys-to-the-kingdom

    Little Keys To The Kingdom

    everyone has little keys to the kingdom / and much to steal

  • every-book-is-self-help

    Every book is self-help

    A newspaper blackout.

  • microblackouts

    100 Microblackouts

    A made 100 “micro-blackouts” for people who retweeted a link to Steal Like An Artist a few days ago.

  • capricorn

    February Horoscopes

    “be the very first / be a bruise fixer / atone for past crimes / be touchy-feely / plot under the quilt / wake up naked / go way over the top / be early every now and then / let us know exactly what we’re in for / more! always clamor for more / the signs have been gathering still not convinced? / make a detour to a book and an easy chair “

  • grab-you-framed

    Grab You: new 20×200 print

    A new blackout print from 20×200: “what is the most fun / is to grab you / and find something wrong to do”

  • oprah-1

    Newspaper Blackout in O: The Oprah Magazine

    Nice little piece on Newspaper Blackout in the February 2012 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine.

  • mother-goose-00

    Reading Censored Mother Goose Rhymes at The Encyclopedia Show

    Video of me reading from Kendall Banning’s Censored Mother Goose Rhymes.

  • aries

    December Horoscopes

    “walk into a fight / be impossible / never listen to the psychology department / painstaking analysis should be resisted / cultivate rivals / never say such a thing out loud / where information is lacking guess / listen as a means of escape / don’t get bogged down in what used to be / aw heck / break away from the tyranny of good / don’t trust the tongue-in-cheek”

  • Open Road (framed)

    New 20×200 Prints: “Open Road” and “How To Be Cool”

    Just in time for the holidays, here are two brand-new Newspaper Blackout prints.

  • leo

    November Horoscopes

    “friendship is correspondence / on occasion be dragged into it / drill one hole after another until something starts seeping through / stare at a painting for an hour / think like a shipwreck / there is nothing to express at first / your hands have not been tied / never disown the events of life / make them wonder / be up to the job / never allow practice to be intimidated by theory / take heart and get on with it”

  • taurus


    “the best way to improve is to seek out the best competition / stop to say hello / shorter is longer / have a good cry / the truth is such a complicated technologie / watch out for rattlesnakes / go to a park and gawk / stay together and battle / do with less / bounce back / invent something / some lessons have a shelf life”

  • sagittarius


    “play house / to catch midnight plan to nap beforehand / make an appearance / jump the rails / take a trip / the fish reel it in / people watch / ask for trouble / what are you hoping to express if all you see is four walls? / don’t die simply disappear A while / eat a sandwich / learn how to work with other brains”

  • leo


    “cause mayhem / look the pros are struggling put an amateur in / don’t wait on the weather / when the flames die down teach them sense / who knows? / do without worrying / be of service / watch, marvel / go out and correct things / just be still / it is that time of year for the summer struggles / put the time in”

  • I asked God and he said yes


    the skirt created a sense of higher stakes / the danger is that everyone will succumb to your charms / how the trees work / in this little town / I asked God and he said yes

  • aries


    why natural all the kinks? / seem out of touch when asked about you / start an observatory / be a foreigner, no history / not knowing is ok / store an angel on one side and a demon on the other / stay open / glance out the window / document the ruse / to pick up a signal cut off mobile service / angry with skills is how to work / disobey orders of everyone who works in TV

  • aquarius-500px


    “you’re just an accident of timing / obtain a truck / read deeply / practice / question oldfangled techniques / you need to be able to dance / point out the beautiful / unhear it / decide who is staying and who is leaving / everyone needs to relax and calm down / defect / start now”

  • all-that-i-have


    “why should i have all that i have /we fly in and out of a home / so much work / i need a midday visitor or a window in the laboratory / doomsday is a day that will end too / a stretch of nowhere”

  • sleepnaked


    For fun, I’ve been making blackouts on the iPad.

  • aquarius


    “there are definite dangers in thinking you can do everything / music? yes yes yes a week full / in line, for two hours, at first it’s a shock, and then it’s incredibly liberating / go to breakfast try not to put boundaries on what u do / whittle down the stream so you can think / the energy it is both very human and loaded / go to see a film / figure on musicians with angry beards / network ad nauseum / that distant rumble you hear is the sound of approaching joy / beers and laughing / it’s eye-wearying but I’m thrilled that I get to do it”

  • titanic-20x200


    One of my favorite blackout poems of all time is now an affordable print at 20×

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