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  • leo

    How To Win An Election (October Horoscopes)

    “say all the right things / do not risk offending anyone / be likable / fake friendliness / smiles and handshakes / avoid the question of scientific evidence / B just an ordinary who made it / say stuff written for anybody to hear / try to collect someone or something to blame / project optimisim about the future and happy endings / shout follow me! there’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of / if it’s hard to win drop out”

  • aquarius

    September Horoscopes

    avoid the guaranteed injury / cruise over the line / defy perfection / hide and seek in a kind of carefree spirit / drink a beer / be quieter / break balls / answer 13 questions no one asked / be the end of the baddest guy out there / throw something / perhaps there is a happy way to embrace without turning fake / when you pin your kind you get your team

  • pisces

    August Horoscopes

    do something crazy / honor the rookie / throw out social media for a start / just zoom in on any one thing and stay with it / avoid long-term mularkey / love something more / go to the ice cream shop and shake everyone’s hand / no panicking / just remember what a great mystery is / remain a student / don’t think long enough to know / more walks

    more walks /

  • aquarius

    July Horoscopes

    punch this summer / go missing from work / pack up and run off / a gig’s a gig / never read email / spell out life in a divine text message / cross the country in a time-traveling car / stop brooding over the alter ego / put an end to this operation on loan from the faint of heart / look into the whereabouts of missing years / have a near-death experience for the rest of us / you can’t help wondering

  • taurus

    June Horoscopes

    “develop a personal hero and explore his voice / be so lucky / endure torture at low doses / be loose / get a little belief system / shred shrug shed / keep a sharp gaze / punish the cobbler of conformity / underestimate originality / use time surprisingly”

  • gemini

    March Horoscopes (SXSW Edition)

    “do not address the advertiser / beat back the new / develop contacts speak of community make sure word got out die / cancel the mission of blandness and snake oil / survive by films / nightclubs and other inhospitably lighted places cause complications / when u decide to check out some band urge them on / slaves to the music dance their own dances / you have to get yourself a taco / bank on not knowing what’s going to happen or when / poke the folks remaining in their homes / wake up in a foul mood start packing”

  • capricorn

    February Horoscopes

    “be the very first / be a bruise fixer / atone for past crimes / be touchy-feely / plot under the quilt / wake up naked / go way over the top / be early every now and then / let us know exactly what we’re in for / more! always clamor for more / the signs have been gathering still not convinced? / make a detour to a book and an easy chair “

  • virgo

    January Horoscopes

    “encourage the unknown / give it a chance – this thing / appear remarkably unfazed by the acclaim / commence evil duties / invention is counterpoint / dance to the sounds of the orchestra warming up / walk straight into an elevator and be wonderful / push things as far as there seems to be / to dream of the thing let us not underestimate how important it is / knock the socks off this year / B steeped in the Times like any modern kid / try to look at every think”

  • aries

    December Horoscopes

    “walk into a fight / be impossible / never listen to the psychology department / painstaking analysis should be resisted / cultivate rivals / never say such a thing out loud / where information is lacking guess / listen as a means of escape / don’t get bogged down in what used to be / aw heck / break away from the tyranny of good / don’t trust the tongue-in-cheek”

  • leo

    November Horoscopes

    “friendship is correspondence / on occasion be dragged into it / drill one hole after another until something starts seeping through / stare at a painting for an hour / think like a shipwreck / there is nothing to express at first / your hands have not been tied / never disown the events of life / make them wonder / be up to the job / never allow practice to be intimidated by theory / take heart and get on with it”

  • taurus


    “the best way to improve is to seek out the best competition / stop to say hello / shorter is longer / have a good cry / the truth is such a complicated technologie / watch out for rattlesnakes / go to a park and gawk / stay together and battle / do with less / bounce back / invent something / some lessons have a shelf life”

  • sagittarius


    “play house / to catch midnight plan to nap beforehand / make an appearance / jump the rails / take a trip / the fish reel it in / people watch / ask for trouble / what are you hoping to express if all you see is four walls? / don’t die simply disappear A while / eat a sandwich / learn how to work with other brains”

  • leo


    “cause mayhem / look the pros are struggling put an amateur in / don’t wait on the weather / when the flames die down teach them sense / who knows? / do without worrying / be of service / watch, marvel / go out and correct things / just be still / it is that time of year for the summer struggles / put the time in”

  • aries


    why natural all the kinks? / seem out of touch when asked about you / start an observatory / be a foreigner, no history / not knowing is ok / store an angel on one side and a demon on the other / stay open / glance out the window / document the ruse / to pick up a signal cut off mobile service / angry with skills is how to work / disobey orders of everyone who works in TV

  • aquarius-500px


    “you’re just an accident of timing / obtain a truck / read deeply / practice / question oldfangled techniques / you need to be able to dance / point out the beautiful / unhear it / decide who is staying and who is leaving / everyone needs to relax and calm down / defect / start now”

  • virgo


    “you will get to become a princess / a 10-minute walk is modern art / know what to copy / copy the curiosity / publicly misbehave / the sun is setting over your attention / weigh philosophy on the toilet / an anecdote is the perfect souvenir / make a go of it / the answer ha ha / why not? / the cure is breakfast”

  • virgo


    “be a romantic enemy / be a ham / be real hard to divorce / be impossible to know / be brief / be day to day cheap but not over the long run / be rooted / be devious / be open / be the one refusing to go out without a fight / be ready / be a question”

  • aquarius


    “there are definite dangers in thinking you can do everything / music? yes yes yes a week full / in line, for two hours, at first it’s a shock, and then it’s incredibly liberating / go to breakfast try not to put boundaries on what u do / whittle down the stream so you can think / the energy it is both very human and loaded / go to see a film / figure on musicians with angry beards / network ad nauseum / that distant rumble you hear is the sound of approaching joy / beers and laughing / it’s eye-wearying but I’m thrilled that I get to do it”

  • aquarius


    it’s been very wintry, but it was winter before / making ice out of water / lunch often / follow vulnerable love with jokes / think speak and think some more / sit at cool bars, pondering life / punch somebody / reading is the antidote / let’s go walk around / stroll the streets / take part in nonsense / no more why-me-ism

  • sagittarius


    “arrive to a hero’s welcome, walk slowly / Google it yo / look at the low point as training / don’t swallow that wishbone / view this as a sign even if it bores you / unnecessary equipment / has to be handled as such / life has returned to normal / I think / the goal line is at the end of the earth / learn not to watch television / wow, look at you / look forward to life / balance what is real and what is not”

  • cancer-500px


    “a head like god is work / press on with purpose / alienate some people / why can’t it be warmer / that thing that just can’t be ignored release it / go out on a limb and wave / crouch and whisper / think bigger / hold on do what i do / improvise / success is a misty din of horns and trumpets / cuss it all”

  • the-end-of-the-world


    the end-of-the-world will be no concern for the people who live

  • 12-20-2010-virgo


    “they can’t all be the one / you are much more than your age / battle over a parking zone in his memory motel / continue to wonder / wait and see / waiting for something to come would work against you / fuck the committee / a double life is allegiance to the not true / our message is dispatched to us eventually / bail on those things don’t count / now you plant seeds / go back in time”

  • 12-13-2010-taurus


    spend time running through the forests / flee the office / take a nice, quiet beer after work, and survey the crowd / the merits of drunkenness it is hard to find anyone without it / never back down / with a slight shrug hold back / get yourself a suit / work it / people listen 2 a story / be true / on occasion crying in front of the house is ok / for the dark days we practice

  • 12-06-2010-scorpio


    “forgive em / you always with you were somewhere else but you are here / you really have trouble when you know that you understand god / make a speech / remember your audience / that itch needs itching / after a while go home / get out of your league / look, listen / be over the ex / it doesn’t get better it just changes / on tough days when things aren’t going right be still”

  • 11-29-2010-pisces-500px


    “learn music / be like a tree trunk, sturdy / grow into the challenge simply not to ruin it / sing to an attacker / abadon all poise / bring all your good stuff, and don’t worry / be a good date to everybody / don’t say anything specific / laugh at every single thing / give credit and get out of the way”

  • all-signs


    “B thankful / treasure the time”

  • 11-15-2010-taurus


    “clues proliferate in the gut / the fun is going to get funner / do not murder mysteries / hand-writing is fake research / do less / no talent through television / threaten yer formal education / people discover a padded resume / permission is a sugared drink not food / miss speedy slow down / partner and tag-team the problem / be a wiser witness”

  • 11-08-2010-scorpio-500px


    “our expectations won’t do everything / we may have to invent a new method / crash in a quiet room / parents cannot be put in place / test the helmets / know money / adults accept they have to b involved in daily operations / all grown men duck and run / lose the tough guy acked / go along be a smart kid don’t whine / play the problem is more the mood lurking behind shoulder blades / talk a good game with a sense of humility”

  • horoscopes-nov-1


    ride the bus hear the yelling / be boisterous / make sure how much sleep you get shine it up and wear it / adore the world / switch sides / stand closer / be brave i don’t think it’s a hugely common thing / u cannot be tied down to DNA / move in there are no rules about how far is too far / the money is never the search / sometimes forsaking the circle is slippery / everything changes this is one of the hardest things to know

  • horoscopes


    seek a new location / go outside / you would like to think that Bohemia is a kind of work / invest more energy in intense quiet playing / prove that none of this should be taken for granted / fall back on memories / begin a long courtship / take a woman in passion / act tough / picket the strike / the desperate follow not u / the wizard to seek is not on TV

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