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Please note: I get so much email that it’s impossible for me to respond to most of it! (If I did, I’d have no time to actually, you know, make anything.) It’s nice to hear from readers and fans, and I read everything, but I just can’t keep up with it all. Forgive me in advance.

To invite me to speak at your event, contact Paige Russell at Leigh Bureau by phone at 1-908-253-6047 or by email: [email protected].

For rights inquiries, my literary agent is Ted Weinstein.

For publicity inquiries and review copies of my books, contact Selina Meere at Workman Publishing.

For everything else, shoot an email to me directly: [email protected]


Snail Mail

I’m between addresses at the moment! New mailing address up soon.

Please don’t send me unpublished manuscripts or anything that needs returned. I like getting books and other stuff in the mail, but keep in mind my review policy.


Students: Pretend I’m dead!

Students! I love you, but, unfortunately, I can’t answer questions for your projects. If you have a question about my work, the best thing to do is research me as if I’ve been dead for a while. Read my books, check out my interviews, watch videosGoogle me, etc. (And feel free to share this policy with your teacher!) A good place to start your research is my about page — there’s a ton of information there.

If you’re looking for advice, all the advice I have to give about getting started and getting your work out there is in my books, Steal Like An Artist and Show Your Work! I also blog a lot about my process, so try poking around in the blog archives. You can also check my old office hours.