catching fireflies saves everything / for one fleeting evening / 2 circus with unrelenting grins / i remember floating / the play so full of potential / u and me out after the lights

This is one of the first poems I made for the book, way back in July of 2008. I know this because thankfully, I kept a detailed logbook on my book progress:

newspaper blackout logbook

I don’t usually talk about what I think the poems mean, or divulge any autobiographical details around them, because I like for people to make their own meanings.

All I will say is what they say you can’t say in creative writing workshops: this poem “really happened to me” and therefore it is special and something no one can touch.

I’m feeling all choked up and gooey inside, because my brother and his wife just had their second baby, Arianna Kleon, and I’m feeling like a happy uncle.

Hello, Arianna. Welcome. I don’t know much about anything, so here are some words from one of my favorite writers, Mr. Kurt Vonnegut, whose books I will send you when you’re old enough:

This is day 9 out of 14 that I’m posting a poem a day until the book comes out on April 13th. Check back daily or subscribe via RSS for new poems.

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