20 perfect off at 20x200

Okay folks, if you’ve been holding out on buying a print of one of my newspaper blackout poems from 20×200, now’s your chance: they’re having a 20% off sale until noon on Sunday the sale has been extended until 2PM EST Monday!.

Enter the code RIDONK in Google Checkout for 20% off your print order. (See the details.)

That means you could own all three prints for less than $50. An absolute steal.

But even better, $50 prints are now $40, $200 prints are now $160.

AgoraphobiaHow It Works

The 20×16 inch “Agoraphobia” print looks really damned good, by the way. At $160, that’s the cheapest it’ll ever be. June isn’t THAT far away…it would make a perfect graduation gift. Way cooler than another copy of Oh! The Places You Will Go.

A bunch of folks have ordered the “How It Works” print for Valentine’s Day. (I’m in the 20×200 Valentine’s Guide under “Bookish Babe“–hell yeah, the only kind I like!) There are only 25 left of the $20 editions, so if you want one, better order one now! Only 12 left as of Sunday afternoon!

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