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Derek writes in,

I am very new to drawing and wondered if there are any pens that you would recommend…

I don’t recommend any particular drawing tools, because I think tools are very personal and idiosyncratic–I mean, the tools that work for one artist might not work for another. One of my artist friends won’t draw with anything more than a .5mm mechanical pencil. I, on the other hand, don’t like to draw with anything less bold than a 1mm gel pen.

Regardless, here’s a list of what I carry around in my bag:

The tools change, based on the occasion: when I go out with my wife to a movie or a concert, I carry a Sharpie or a gel pen and a stack of index cards.

Feel free to share your own favorite notebooks/drawing tools for Derek in the comments!

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  1. jack says

    i carry around my ring-binder notepad,
    my cannon slr camera
    and usually about 2/3 berol fine line pens, some times a thick marker..

  2. jeroboambramblejam says

    I recently moved to a pocketful of LePens… the grey and sky blue are particularly sweet; but I still keep a few uni-ball visions about my person.