Thursday, April 24th, 2008


fear of open spaces: agoraphobia
fear of the influence of the stars: astrophobia
fear of outer space: spacephobia (this one unconfirmed by the OED)

7 Comments on “AGORAPHOBIA”

  1. Grant Says:

    I like how you’re mixing it up on how you blackout the poems. There’s a painterly quality to the blacks on this one.

  2. Austin Kleon Says:

    Thanks, Grant!

  3. Greg Says:

    Wow. Trippy. I am working my way through your archives. This is great stuff. I saw something on a similar theme using books at the Galway (Ireland) Arts Festival several years ago. Any chance that was you?

  4. Austin Kleon Says:

    Nope! Never been to Ireland…though I would like to…

    Probably was Tom Phillips.

  5. kim Says:


  6. Tori Grenier Says:

    I like how you came up with the black out newspaper poems. I sometimes catch myself blacking out articles but they don’t really read as a poem.

  7. I Need To Take A Stab At What I Do Not Know « In Between A Rock And The Back Wall Says:

    […] one of my recent favorites, although for the overall top spot, it’s going to be hard to beat Agoraphobia. I’ve been following these for at least a year now and it seems like I have a new favorite […]

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